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    Easy Application of Tax Deductible Products at Home
    Enjoy premium discount for application on or before 30 June
    Personal salary tax deduction up to HK$68,000!
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    Stand Together to Fight Against Novel Coronavirus
    Additional benefits to support all customers against novel coronavirus.
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    Travel insurance coverage relating to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak
    The outbreak of novel coronavirus has caused widespread disruption to travel plans. 
    Please go "More details" for the coverages relating to Novel Coronavirus.
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    Still worry about retirement?
    Well Link Life gives you a pay cheque each month for 20 years after you retire!​
    Taxpayers applied for qualifieddeferred annuity plans
    can apply for tax deduction for premiums paid

    ​Enjoy exclusive premium discount from now on until 30 June 2020
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    Customisable Plan
    Excellent value for flexible insurance, sufficient
    coverage, and professional yet meticulous service.
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    As a life insurance company rooted in Hong Kong,
    Well Link Life designs insurance solutions from
    local customers’point of view.
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    Our one-stop-shop insurance solutions fulfill the
    insurance needs of you and your loved ones; and
    assist your financial planning for retirement.