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    Well Enjoy Deferred Annuity Plan Supreme
    Receive a regular Annuity for 20 years with just five-year premium payment

    Guaranteed Annual Return up to 3.15%

    Enjoy 6% First Year Premium Discount!
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    Well Save Whole Life Insurance Plan
    Guaranteed Annual Return 2.0%
    Projected Annual Return 5.1%
    Enjoy 10% First-year Premium Discount
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    Well Save 5-Year Endowment Plan 2
    Enjoy Guaranteed Return and Life Protection

    Choices of policy currency in USD and HKD

    Guaranteed Return up to 3.30% per annum
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    Online Application at Well Link Life’s Link 2 Shop
    Your choice of 'Life, Savings, Critical Illness or Medical Protection'

    12% premium discount for all years for online application!
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    Motor Insurance 24 Hours Online Quotation
    Customised motor insurance solutions
    Fast and easy claims process

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    Stand Together to Fight Against Novel Coronavirus
    Additional benefits to support all customers against novel coronavirus.
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    Travel insurance coverage relating to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak
    The outbreak of novel coronavirus has caused widespread disruption to travel plans. 
    Please go "More details" for the coverages relating to Novel Coronavirus.