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Claims FAQs - Motorcycle Insurance

If you settle the dispute amicably with a third party, usually an insurance claim is not required; yet you must report the accident to Well Link Insurance. In addition, you shall submit the signed settlement agreement to Well Link Insurance.
Stay away from hazard and ensure personal safety whether you are riding on or near a burning motorcycle. Whether the insured motorcycle has been stolen or damaged by arson attack, you should call 999 and report to the police immediately for investigation and obtain a police report. If the insured motorcycle is damaged by arson attack, record the details of responsible officer on-site and obtain a duplicate copy of fire report. Once you have obtained the police statement and / or the duplicate copy of fire report, please call Well Link Insurance Claims Hotline at +852 2884 8899 for filing a claim.
If you are unfortunately involved in a traffic accident, whether there is/are bodily injury(ies) or death(s) or not, or a hit and run traffic accident, or an accident involving government vehicle or property, pedestrian or cyclist, stay calm, ensure safety of all parties and avoid any attempted move of casualty(ies) or motor. You should call 999 and report to the police immediately, then call Well Link Insurance Claims Hotline immediately at +852 2884 8899. Our Claims Specialist will provide immediate guidance accordingly.
If the repair cost of the insured motorcycle is higher than the current market value, Well Link Insurance may decide to settle the claim as a constructive total loss. However, the insured motorcycle is still eligible for repairing at your own choice. Well Link Insurance will only reimburse up to the market value of the insured motorcycle after deducting respective excess.