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Claims FAQs - Private Motor Insurance

If you are unfortunately involved in a traffic accident, whether there is/are bodily injury(ies) or death(s) or not, or if your motor is stolen, stay calm, ensure safety of all parties and avoid any attempted move of casualty(ies) or motor. You should call 999 and report to the police immediately, then call Well Link Insurance Claims Hotline immediately at +852 2884 8899. Our Claims Specialist will provide immediate guidance accordingly. Even in the event of a traffic accident with no bodily injury, you shall report the case to the police within 24 hours after the accident.

In the event of a traffic accident caused by the negligence of the third party(ies), you should report the case to the police as soon as possible to protect your own interest.
If you settle the dispute amicably with a third party, usually an insurance claim is not required; yet you must report the accident to Well Link Insurance. In addition, you shall submit the signed settlement agreement or letter of claim withdrawal to Well Link Insurance.
Calculation on the market value of the insured vehicle is based on the current market price of a similar (brand, make and model, age and condition) of the vehicle at the time of accident. Market value provided by car dealers and professional loss adjusters is also considered by Well Link Insurance.