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Claims FAQs - Waiver of Premium Claim

Change of occupation may affect the premium calculated.  When there is a change of the job duties or job nature in the occupation, or a change of occupation or engagement in additional occupation, you should notify us in writing immediately, otherwise the benefit may not be payable.
While any premiums are being waived, the payment mode or the basic plan cannot be changed.
Except the waiver is due to the death of the Policyowner under the Payor Benefit, we have the right to request the insured person to be examined by physicians designated by us or to request proof of continuance of the Total Disability.  If such proof is not able to be provided, premium will cease to be waived.
As processing time is required for claim assessment, please continue to pay the premium even after the commencement of the disability or claim submission to keep the policy inforce.  Once we have approved the claim, we will refund the premium paid on or after the first premium due date following the commencement of total disability back to the Policyowner.
If the insured person suffers from Total Disability, please send us the written notification within 6 months from the date of commencement of the Total Disability.  Supporting proof of Total Disability should be submitted within 1 year.