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How to Make a Claim

Insurance claims should be facilitated in a convenient and precise manner. This inspires Well Link Insurance to introduce a simple guide to insurance claims, ensuring our customers fully understand claim procedures and rest assured in receiving guaranteed protections.

Always stay calm when you are unfortunately involved in an accident. Immediately call Well Link Insurance Claims Hotline at +852 2884 8899 to receive quick assistance from our Claims Specialists.

Claims Pledge

Well Link Insurance’s quintuple claims pledge:
24/7 emergency support with all calls answered by trained and qualified professionals
Full case follow-up by 1-on-1 Claims Specialist assigned within one working day
Profound claim expertise and product knowledge allow Claims Specialist to independently handle cases
Stringent service provider selection for professional examination, coupled with fair and just principles on case handling
Regular phone or email updates on claim progress for seamless completion of procedures

Claims Specialist

Dedicated to enhance its service quality and pursue excellence, Well Link Insurance introduces 1-on-1 Claims Specialist for full case follow-up. Our Claims Specialist is a team of rigorously trained professionals with profound claim expertise and product knowledge to independently handle claim cases and ensure seamless completion of claim procedures. Apart from regular on-the-job training, our Claims Specialist review handling procedures for different cases in monthly meetings to ensure Well Link Insurance services are with the times.

Claims Criteria

With our service term is always ready for offering timely and appropriate 24/7 assistance, Well Link Insurance customers can rest assured even when they are unfortunately involved in accident or make a claim. Well Link Insurance examines and reviews claim criteria among our umbrella of insurance products from time to time for handling claims cases in fair and just principles to fulfill our service standard requirements. This is coupled with stringent service provider selection for more efficient claim processing.