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Payment Method-Life Insurance

In order to facilitate your settlement of premiums, premium levy and other related payments, below payment methods are available:

Visit our Wealth Management Centre in person
Payment by cheque
Payment via JETCO (ATM Machine) 
Designated Bank Branches
Direct Debit Authorization via bank account
Points to note
  • Third Party Payment is not accepted.  All premium, premium levy and related payments should be paid by the Policyowner, the Life Insured or Beneficiary
  • Payment by Credit Card is only applicable to selected products.  For details, please call our Customer Service Hotline for enquiry
  • Please reserve 3 working days for us to handle related payment transactions
  • For policies with policy currency in non-HKD, we accept policy currency or HKD to settle policy payment, while for policies with policy currency in HKD we only accept HKD to settle policy payment
1. Visit our Wealth Management Centre in person
  • You may bring along the payment notice to one of our Wealth Management Centres to settle payment by chqeue or via credit card
2. Payment by Cheque
  • Send the cheque by mail to "Units 16-18, 11/F., China Merchants Tower, Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong"
  • Please issue crossed cheque with the payee name as "Well Link Life Insurance Company Limited"
  • Indicate Policy Number and Name of Policyowner at the back of the cheque
  • Please do not send cash/cash cheques/post-dated cheques
3. Payment via JETCO (ATM Machine) 
  • You can settle your premium, premium levy and related payment via JETCO ATM Machines (only applicable to settlement with HKD)
  • Please select the HKD account of your ATM card for further processing
  • Select “Bill Payment” Service
  • Select "Merchant Code Entry" : 9682
  • Enter "Bill Type" : e.g. 01 (Premium Payment and Levy)
  • Enter your Policy Number
  • Enter the payment amount in HKD
  • Check and confirm your payment details
  • Upon completion, the ATM screen will display "Transaction Accepted" and please collect your receipt
  • Please pass your receipt to Well Link Life
4. Designated Bank Branches
  • You may visit designated BEA or DBS Bank branches to settle premium, premium levy and related payment.  Please indicate your policy number for the payment transaction
  • Accept cash, cheque, bank draft and bank account transfer
  • The maximum acceptable cash payment per policy and per policy year is HKD100,000 / USD12,500 / RMB83,000
  • Please pass your receipt to Well Link Life
5. Direct Debit Authorization via Bank
  • You may choose to settle premium and levy via autopay through your HKD bank account.  Please complete, sign and return the Direct Debit Authorization (DDA) to authorize Well Link Life to debit the premium and levy from your designated HKD bank account.
  • It usually takes 2 months to set up a new DDA arrangement, therefore, we suggest you submit the form along with 2 months premium to us or keep using the existing DDA arrangement until the new one is effective.
  • Once the DDA is set up, we will debit your policy on the 2nd or 16th of the payment due month.
  • Before the debit is made, please ensure that there is sufficient amount in your bank account to avoid any bank charges due to Autopay reject.