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Our Service Pledge

As a customer-centric company, caring for and respecting customers is core to everything we do in Well Link Life. It defines our work and shapes our corporate culture.

Department Services Well Link Life’s Service Standard
Customer Services Reply to online enquiry 0.5 working day
Reply to voice message 1 working day
Reply to email enquiry 1 working day
Reply to write in enquiry 5 working days
Policy Administration Policy services - Financial changes 7 working days
Policy services - Non-Financial changes 5 working days


  • The above pledges are applicable to cases in which all required documents are received for immediate processing at the time of application.
  • “Policy services - Financial changes” including but not limited to : policy loan, withdrawal of dividend, refund overpaid premium and cancellation within cooling off period, etc.
  • “Policy services – Non-Financial changes” including but not limited to : contact information change (such as address and telephone), beneficiary change, dividend option change, change of annuity option and requests for policy information, etc.

Complaint Handling

Why is your complaint important?

Well Link Life believes that complaint resolution is important, and it is our responsibility to respond to complaints promptly, accurately and professionally. Throughout the complaint handling process, complainant will be protected and treated fairly. We will provide our customers with accessible means with which to communicate their complaints and will employ our best efforts to respond and resolve them where possible. All complaints and personal information collected, whether written or verbal, will be handled in a timely, professional and confidential manner and will only be disclosed to relevant parties on need to know basis.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have an enquiry about your insurance policy by speaking to your insurance consultant or to our staff at the following customer contact points:

Customer Services Hotline: +852 2830 7500
Fax: +852 2831 0068

​If you request for the escalation of your concern to our Complaint Handling Team, you can expect the followings during a complaint management process:

1. Acknowledge receipt of your complaint
  • You will receive an acknowledgement within 1 working day from our Complaint Handling Team confirming the contact details of the handling staff responsible for reviewing your concern.
2. Clarification or additional information about your complaint
  • We may contact you for any clarification or additional information about your concern.
3. Collect relevant information from related internal staff / insurance consultant
  • We may share your concern and any information provided by you with related internal staff member and/or insurance consultant involved in an allegation made.
4. Contact external parties concerned or deemed by us as appropriate for further information
  • We may contact any external parties concerned or deemed by us as appropriate for further information for reviewing your concern.
5. Investigation result in written reply
  • You will receive a written reply from us within 30 calendar days upon receipt of your complaint, reporting our findings and, where applicable, resolution proposed by us. If the complaint is still under investigation, we will provide the latest updates to you accordingly.

If you remain unsatisfied about the findings and/or proposed resolution at the end of our complaint management process and wish to pursue your concern, external recourse is available to you through the following bodies:
  • The Insurance authority - for concerns over an authorized insurer or against licensed insurance intermediaries
  • The Insurance Complaints Bureau - for concerns over a claims decision or other insurance-related disputes of monetary nature.
  • The Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Office (“VHIS Office”) of the Food and Health Bureau - for concerns over any VHIS products, scheme documents issued by the Food and Health Bureau, or matters arising from insurers’ decisions or operations concerning VHIS (e.g. underwriting, pricing of VHIS products, claims processing).