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Death Claims

Required Documents:

Death Claim Form to be completed and signed by Beneficiary/ Claimant 
Death Claim – Attending Physician’s Report to be completed by the last attending physician of the Life Insured 
Death certificate
ID cards of the Life Insured and Beneficiary/ Claimant
Relationship proof between the Life Insured and Beneficiary
Policy document
Other supporting documents:
  • Copy of the past health or medical records of the insured (such as outpatient record booklet, consultation records, hospitalization records, laboratory reports, etc.)
  • Doctor / hospital information or patient card copies that the insured had consulted in the past 5 years
  • Witness statement / police report / newspaper clippings (mainly for traffic accidents or special events)
  • (If death occurred in Mainland China) Notarial Certificate of Death issued by Mainland's authority and medical death certificate issued by Mainland Hospitals

Points to Note:

  • Answer all questions clearly on the Death Claim Form.  Do not leave any question blank.  You can call our Claims Hotline (+852 2830 7600) for a copy of claim form.
  • Death Claim - Attending Physician’s Report to be completed by the attending doctor, with signature and chop at client's own expenses.
  • Unless otherwise specified, original documents are required.
  • For any documents not written in English / Chinese, client needs to provide the certified valid translation.
  • At the time of claim submission, if the beneficiary is under age 18 and the policy has not appointed any trustee, the original "Guardianship Paper" issued by court to the Guardian of the beneficiary has to be submitted.
  • If there is no designated beneficiary in the policy or the beneficiary stated in policy is "estate" or "legitimate heir", the original "Letter of Administration" issued by Hong Kong Court has to be submitted or the original "Probate" in case a will was made.
  • Types of information and documents required may be varied on a case by case basis.
  • We reserve our rights to ask for additional information or documents for assessment of the claim.  If we need anything additional from you or other related parties, we will notify your Insurance Consultant or contact you immediately.  Since it takes time to obtain the information, the claim assessment process will be prolonged.