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Waiver of Premium Claims

Required Documents:

Waiver of Premium Claim Form – to be completed and signed by Life Insured and Policyowner 
Waiver of Premium Claim – Attending Physician’s Report to be completed by the attending physician 
ID copies of the Life Insured and Policyowner (if not submitted to us before)
Sick leave certificates
Patient card copies
Other supporting documents:
  • Discharge summary/ Discharge slip copy
  • Laboratory/ Investigation reports copies
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy progress reports

Points to Note:

  • Claim form and required documents must be submitted within 6 months after date of disability.  You can call our Claims Hotline (+852 2830 7600) for a copy of claim form.
  • Answer all questions clearly on the Waiver of Premium Claim Form.  Do not leave any question blank.
  • Waiver of Premium Claim - Attending’s Physician’s Report to be completed by the attending doctor, with signature and chop at client's own expenses.
  • Unless otherwise specified, original documents are required.
  • For any documents not written in English / Chinese, client needs to provide the certified valid translation.
  • There are definitions of disability and exclusions listed on the policy provisions.  No claim is eligible if the diagnosis does not meet the definition or falls under the exclusions.
  • Types of information and documents required may be varied on a case by case basis.
  • We reserve our rights to ask for additional information or documents for assessment of the claim.  If we need anything additional from you or other related parties, we will notify your Insurance Consultant or contact you immediately.  Since it takes time to obtain the information, the claim assessment process will be prolonged.